Our Activities

The client and the circle
We provide asset management services, fiscal advice and offshore structure administration with the goal to assist our clientele 360 on a full fledged basis in order to fulfill all their financial needs.

Associated with Porfido & Partners

The three core activities

We manage clients' fungible assets on a full discretionary basis, either on their own bank account through an administrative power of attorney or on our books under a fiduciary agreement.
Our purpose is to obtain a sequential positive absolute return every year, through a flexible and conservative asset allocation.
Our philosophy is to align client goals to ours, so we charge a small management fee and a participation to the performance over a pre-established benchmark. We also advise clients on general financial topics related to their pension funding and on financial problems connected to their personal lives.
We propose a full range of solutions to international tax problems, tailored to the requirements of the clients to reduce their tax liabilities. Our base clientele is composed of small and medium sized companies and private individuals, who plan their tax liabilities on a logn term basis.
We offer a full fledged administration with international and off-shore structure, which comprises book-keeping, secretarial services and board membership.